Arium offers training courses to businesses and individuals interested in applying RAT to their risk assessment needs. The first day of this three-day course is spent teaching managers and modellers how to interpret a model’s results to make and support business decisions.

The topics covered on the first day include:

  • Understanding the role of modelling in decision making
  • Understanding the elements of the model structure
  • Drawing conclusions from the model and influencing others
  • Using and interpreting the model results
  • Checking the model to assess its robustness

The second and third days are dedicated to teaching modellers how to use RAT to build models. These users will gain an understanding of the principles of dependency modelling and the functions of the tool by building industry-relevant models in the classroom and presenting the model’s results to the other modellers on the course.

The topics covered by modellers include:

  • Manipulating the modelling tool to create parameters, dependencies, probabilities and costs
  • Modelling objectives and creating a model structure that is coherent, comprehensive and illuminating
  • Populating the model with credible data

Please contact us for further information. Also try our pre-course questionnaire (PDF), designed to test your intuitive understanding of our modelling approach.